A new school block open in remote the Mola Community

Within one year of partnering on this project with Mangwara Primary School, we were ecstatic to be part of an official handover ceremony of a brand new, solar-powered, classroom block at a school located in an extremely remote and marginalised area of Zimbabwe. There is a lot of elation around this development, with this region of the country experiencing a difficult history since the filling in of the world’s largest man-made lake, Lake Kariba, between 1958 – 1963. The minority Tonga communities displaced over this time have had to face challenging circumstances in trying to educate their youth, with little infrastructure in the area.

The ceremony was blessed to receive with Kariba District Administrator, Mr. Marweyi as part of it, who was accompanied by the Nyaminyami Rural District Council CEO, the District Schools Inspector, Chief Nebiri along with three Councilors in the area.

The classroom block was handed over to the Mola Community, after months of construction and represents the best learning facility Mangwara Primary School has ever had. Having been holding classes in thatched huts and outdoors, exposed to the elements, up until now. This building is a modern, secure building that is solar-powered, cool and sheltered. New desks are on the way to furnish the classroom and water provision is part of the next phase of the project.

Among the congregation for the ceremony was David Bennett, a great supporter of our work, who has donated the high-quality solar system to provide electricity to the school. He has also a 55 inch television colour television and a DVD player to be used for education and presentation purposed at the school. Here, we see a happy exchange between him and our Trust Manager, Obert Manyeza.


After a series of speeches were delivered the block keys were handed over to Chief Mola and will soon be welcoming students to learn within its classrooms.