The ladies of Vuche Vuche are broadening their horizons in Chobe, Botswana. The friendly ladies met with Wina and Tammy from the African Bush Camps Foundation and we had a great morning together.


The ladies were very proud to show their baskets called ‘Tlatlana’s’ in the local Tswana language and their new designs on their Sefalana’s (the baskets with a lid).



The materials that they use are harvested from the bush around the nearby village of Satau and all dyes used are natural. By collecting these reeds it helps the growth of the plant, making it sustainable for the environment. It can take anywhere from three days to a month to create the baskets.


DPP_0055The ladies have started creatiDPP_0062ng earrings out of reeds, shells and beads with the Botswana colours which would look great in any ear. They have also started collecting plastic shopping bags, that would otherwise be rubbish, and are incorporating these into their weaving, which is fantastic and environmentally friendly as well as providing a new way to incorporate different colours into their products.


A few members of the group travelled to Namibia and learnt from their neighbours on how to make Clay Pots. At the moment they are sourcing the clay and will continue to make the new pots.

A generous guest left a donation with Linyanti Bush Camp after visiting the Pack for a Purpose website, of ten pairs of reading glasses and we took these to hand out to the elderly members of the group.


The ladies were so excited and there was a lot of chatter whilst they tried on the different strengths and fashions. A special moment was when a lady looked through her glasses at a book and looked up with a startled expression and exclaimed, “I can see that”.


The ladies then took us on a tour of their new building on their property that they have built. Originally they had a thatch roof, with no walls and a traditional mud flooring. They have now built a three roomed building with doors, shelves and electricity. We came away with many of their products to sell in the African Bush Camps Curios Shops and hope to see them moved into their building on our next visit.


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