Signed, Sealed and Ready for Take-off: Airport Shop for Vuche Vuche Craft Cooperative

In an excitedly anticipated development, a new signboard donated by Elephants Without Borders in Botswana, has been erected on a store-front just outside the terminal building at Kasane International Airport.

“Empowering Women, Promoting Culture” is what the sign reads for the formally registered Co-operative Group

The Vuche Vuche Cooperative, meaning “slow and steady”, is a group of 17 women (who support a total of 30 dependants) in Mabale Village of the Chobe Enclave. They have been developing carefully crafted, hand-woven craft products for years, whilst working with African Bush Camps Foundation with the goal of developing business management skills and access to markets. The work having been put into opening of this shop, at a major entry point to the area, is a reason to celebrate for the group as it has the potential of helping them sell items regularly and benefit their business in a big way.

The group has, in preparation, over the past few months amassed an impressive stock of skillfully created baskets, bowls, hats, coasters, hats, brushes and more … all woven with surrounding natural materials, and methods passed down through generations.

These products are also on sale at African Bush Camps’ Linyanti Bush Camp, we’re very excited for this group gaining momentum in utilising their culturally learned and environmentally friendly skills.