By contributing to the improvement of children’s education, from Early Childhood Development through to tertiary studies, a significant step towards economic development and breaking the cycle of poverty can be achieved.

The Foundation supports orphaned and vulnerable children through scholarship programmes, covering school fees as well as more holistic support through Life Skills Workshops. We also partner with schools where infrastructure support from local authorities is limited, with the goal of creating conducive learning environments.

Safe, clean and engaging, or even social, infrastructure includes creating sanitary conditions with running water and proper toilet facilities in order to prevent students catching water-borne diseases like typhoid or cholera which can have detrimental effects on the children’s development. It is also important to give children the opportunity to develop their sense of self-worth and build relationships, impacting both their psychological and physical wellbeing.

Without the resources to attend school, the level of education within the community cannot improve, limiting the children’s opportunities later in life. This can lead to devastating and desperate acts such as poaching to survive. Access to education can increase the community’s opportunity for a higher quality of life.

Projects in Education

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