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The Khwai community is situated 250km from Maun, near the north gate of Moremi Game Reserve, and has a population of ±300 people.




The Khwai community is a displaced population who were moved out of their traditional homes and hunting grounds of the Moremi Game Reserve in 1960 and relocated to the current town of Khwai, the community rely on hunting permits, royalties from the trophies, and selling weaved baskets to travellers for their income. With a lack of guidance and good administration, a lot of the needs of the local community have been unmet and today the people have similar challenges as those of other displaced communities seen elsewhere worldwide.

Khwai -Village-P1080228There are no facilities such as a school or clinic in the Khwai Village and the primary school children are generally being sent to boarding school 140km the other side of Maun. There is no pre-school or any other facilities for young children in the village. The main source of employment is the safari industry, with the photographic businesses having thrived and expanded in the last 10 years in the area. The most vulnerable people in the community have been identified as the elderly members and the very young children.

Following the development of African Bush Camps’ Khwai Tented Camp, which is located on within the Khwai Community Area, the African Bush Camps Foundation has initiated discussions with the local community to focus on developing a pre-school for the children of Khwai Village, on providing access to water for the elderly, and on establishing a clinic to meet the needs of the community.

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