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The African Bush Camps Foundation supports underprivileged and vulnerable communities around the Hwange area in Zimbabwe. By educating, empowering and sharing knowledge with the communities, we are able to create sustainable communities in arid and seemingly baron areas. The Foundation focuses on the upliftment and empowerment of the community by way of four project areas: Education, Community Infrastructure, Community Empowerment and Conservation.

This video is a quick look in to the lives of the women and men who run the projects. Giving the communities around the areas African Bush Camps’ operates in the skills and knowledge they need to remain a sustainable team of people. With the revenue coming in from sales, parents and grandparents are able to send the younger generations to school and combat the illiteracy levels.

We’d like to thank the women and men of Dete Town, whom are making these projects a reality. We look forward to working with these communities and continuing to grow. Projects in Botswana continue to grow and we hope to develop these projects to the same extent as in Zimbabwe.

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Mambanje Mobile Cattle Boma Initiative